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Sneak Peak on Google Pay’s Evolution

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Sneak Peak on Google Pay’s Evolution

As the world is growing with every single day, so is our digital technology. And the giant player of the industry Google has been preparing its strong hold since their presence in the market. Ready to strong its roots in India, digital wallet Tez has acquired by global rollout Google and will be renamed as GOOGLE PAY soon. The Android Pay is planning to introduce new features for the payment gateway which will be useful for the Indian users to avail quick ‘pre-approved’ loans from several banks.

The payment gateway was introduced during the cash crunch and demonetization in India 2016 along with several other digital wallets.

Since the introduction, Google made online payments a whole lot easier. In early 2018, the company combined all its digital payment methods into one brand and named it Google Pay. The Android Pay application was then rebranded to G Pay and the Google Wallet app is known as Google Pay Send which will allow the users to receive and send money.

In mid-2018, PayPal announced that the users can register their PayPal account with any of the Google’s service thus, allowing them to access same account on other services without setting up account details on other service.

How secure Android Pay transactions are?

Google Pay secures all the payment information on its secure servers if the users make transactions. The user’s full card information is never stored on the mobile phone or shared with any merchant if the user selects this wallet for payments. Merchant only gets user’s Virtual Account Number.

A confirmation dialog box appears on the app when this wallet is used for making transactions which is useful and assists the user to detect any suspicious activity soon. This alert includes the location of the payment along with the merchant’s name and payment amount or refund.

Also, if the user misplaces their device then they can utilise Android Device Manager for either locking their phone or can make a remote factory reset to hamper any transactions made via G pay being processed.

If you need any assistance regarding installation, downloading the application or facing issue with rewards or coupons then get in touch with our team. You can reach us by dialing our toll-free number for Google Pay Support or PayPal Pal Support where our experts are available at your service 24/7.