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How to Setup an HP Printer

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How to Setup an HP Printer

HP Printer is one of the reliable printers in the international market. It provides so many features to the customers such as good printing quality, fast delivery, and many others. For enjoying the great printing, the user first has to download and install HP Printer.

In this blog, users are getting step by step information for setting up an HP device. If they want to set up the device then they should follow these steps. If they face any problem in the setup process, they can take help from HP Repair Centre near you, we are just a call away.

Follow Steps for Setup HP Printer

  • Remove From Box: First, customer needs to unpack the printer from the box and divide them. Remove all the packing tapes from the device and make it ready to use.
  • Connect Power: Now user needs to connect the printer with the power button. Plug the device into the socket and turn the button ON. After the machine gets on, the customer needs to set the language, date, time and country on the console panel.
  • Install Cartridge: For installing the cartridge, the user has to open the ink cartridge access door. Remove all the tapes and insert the ink into the cartridge. Now close the cartridge access door and follow all instruction on the printer.
  • Load Papers: Now it’s a time to load the papers into the input tray. Put the papers gently so that no one can face any issue related to paper. Now the next step is downloading the driver for printing.
  • Download, Install and Connect: For downloading the best driver, customer needs to browse Drivers page. In this page, the customer has to enter their printer model number and then download the software. Install the software and choose the type of connection.
  • Register: Now the next step is very easy as a user just needs to register the printer. With the registration, the user can access and get support with the dashboard.
  • Sign Up For HP Instant Ink: If the user wants to get Ink cartridge replacement, they do not need to purchase it from the market. Just sign up to the HP Instant Ink and enjoy the ink cartridge. For enrolling in Ink Cartridge, the user needs to go Instant ink and sign up.

Yes, with these simple steps, anyone can set up the printer and use it for the printing purpose. If the user encounters an error in the process, they can take help from the expert. A helpline number 1-800-789-560 is always reachable to the users for solving the problem.