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Apple Pay Card and Transactions Info

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How to view Apple Pay Card and Transactions Info

Apple Pay has resolved the payment issues since its introduction. The users now find it easy to make transactions easily without any fuss. With all the benefits, the payment gateway provides the transaction security to the user. It is easy to view the details of Apple Pay Cash Card such as balance in the account, the Privacy Policy along with Terms and Conditions and many more.

You can also take the help from the team of professionals of Apple Pay Support Australia by dialing their toll-free number 1-800-789-560.

Follow the below direction to view cash card and transactions details:

  • iPhone: Go to your Wallet application. Select the cash card and then tap on icon.
  • iPad: Select the Settings icon. Then click on the Wallet & Apple Pay. Then select the cash card.
  • Apple Watch from your iPhone open the watch application. From the screen, select the Wallet & Apple Pay. Click on the payment gateway.

The user can check the balance appearing on the top of the screen or on Apple ID account page. The digital wallet doesn’t need PIN because each payment is validated with Touch ID, Face ID or secure password.

How to view transactions:

After following the above steps, perform the below directions -

  • Click on the ‘Transactions’ tab. You will see 10 recent transactions. You can choose an option after scrolling to ‘All Transactions’.
  • Tap on ‘Transaction’ to get more information.
  • Tap for the ‘Request Statement’ if the user wants an email with a PDF for all the transactions history.

In this way, you can easily view the account details.

If you have any issue with any of the above step or facing any other technical glitch with the digital wallet then get in touch with the team of professionals. The team of experts are available on Apple Pay Support Australia Number 1-800-789-560. You can connect with them via email or live chat as well. The team is happy to help you anytime as they are available round the clock.