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Resolve PayPal API Timeout Problems

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How to Resolve PayPal API Timeout Problems

It is easy to pay via digital wallet and doesn’t have to carry cash. But there are times when PayPal experiences timeout issue which could be due to issues with firewalls or the server which produces such errors.

In such situation, you can contact the team of experts by dialing PayPal helpline number 1-800-789-560 and they will help you how to fix the issue.

Below are the methods of troubleshooting the timeout issues:

  • Log in for the alerts: The user needs to sign up for the PayPal email alerts and search for the currently open issues which might affect the payment gateway’s performance.
  • Scan firewalls: Look for any firewalls or access controls which are preventing the digital wallet from linking to Payflow servers.
  • Check client code’s timeout configuration: The payment gateway allows 30 seconds and also expects to process API requests in that shorter time. It adds flexibility where credit card issuer’s response is delayed. If the user has set the timeout interval to lower value then it is advised to increase it to 30 seconds.
  • Refresh DNS cache: For Java-based integrations, if IP address for API URL has changed then the user need to refresh the DNS cache. In most of the situations, the user has to restart the JVM/ application server.
  • Run nslookup: Follow the below guidelines:
    • From the listed live PayPal servers or Payflow servers, compare the returned addresses with the IP addresses.
    • In case if the returned URL IP address then check it further.

For more details about the methods you can contact the professionals who are available at your service round the clock. Dial PayPal Support number 1-800-789-560 and discuss all your concerns with the team. They will diagnose your issue and will guide you through the recovery process. You can also drop an email or can connect with us via live chat.