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How to Add a PIN in Stocard

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How to Add a PIN in Stocard

Security is the important criteria in everything, on which a person can stand. Everyone wants their personal security for their device and the applications which are inside the device. Now if the customer wants to secure their Stocard loyalty cards then they need to understand the points and follow the steps.

If a user has iOS:

If a customer has iPhone and they are using Touch ID or Face ID, then they can easily protect their device from being hacked. They can easily put touch lock and face lock on their phone and make it secure form the bad eyes of outsiders. If the user wants that our team will guide them through the process then follow these steps:

  • Go to setting of device
  • Click on General Setting from where, user can activate the lock
  • Now, user can choose the option for setting their password
  • They can also choose 6 digit pin code as their backup option when the last two were not working

If a user has Android:

If the Stocard customer has the android application which needs to be secure, then it is easy to secure the application from the other person. User has to set a password for this program for which they have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Stocard application on the android
  • Now click on the setting and then go to more
  • Enable the Stocard lock and with this one click all the Stocard data will be secured
  • Now user has to apply the same pin code to open the application, which they need to unlock the phone.

These above-mentioned settings may vary with the device version. But overall these are the process for securing the data from the outsiders. If the customer faces any issue in understanding the points or stuck in setting the lock, then they have to reach to the support team. Stocard technical helpline number Australia 1-800-789-560 is always reachable to the users when they need it.